Asset Packaging MachinesAMF-4C-2L Auto Four Head 2Ltr Filler

The AMF-4C Series Automatic 4 Head Filling Machine represents a significant breakthrough in the design and construction of filling equipment. Its unique design enables a diverse range of product types and fill volumes to be processed with one compact machine.
A revolutionary Rotary Product Valve system, and Australian Registered Design developed by Asset Packaging Equipment, handles products from thin liquids to creams and pastes, even products with soft suspended solids, a task previously requiring two different types of filling machines.
The valve system also allows various product supply methods or be used according to the nature of the product or customer preference e.g.: elevated or floor level tank, or low pressure feed from and external pump.
The standard machine is pre-engineered to accept up to a maximum of 4 product cylinders. These can be added at any time, so the machines capabilities can be upgraded as required to suit your production needs. For even higher through put requirements an additional AMF machine can be added to the production line and run in tandem thus providing up to 8 cylinder output capability.
In addition to the fully automatic version, the AMF Series machinery is also available as semiautomatic machine with manual container handling. The modular design concept of the AMF enables a semi-automatic version to be upgraded at a later date to fully automatic operation with conveyor and container gating system and additional product cylinders added if required.

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