Asset Packaging MachinesPT-7 Pumptite Unit

The Asset pumptite unit is designed for tightening trigger, spray, cream dispenser pumps and other types of closures that cannot be tightened by standard overhead tightening chucks, at throughputs of up to 60 units per minute.
The pumptite unit can be mounted on any standard Asset cap tightening machines, the same unit fits both automatic and semi-automatic (bench model) machines. A small modification may be required to older model machines or other makes.
Just 2 attachment screws and 3 quick connect air fittings are all that’s required for you to change your Asset AC-1 cap tightening machine from a standard overhead chuck operation to pumptite operation and back again in just a few minutes. The compact unit is simply stored away when not in use.
The pumptite unit incorporates a patented drive system design in which 4 tightening wheels are positively gear driven from a single high quality air motor. This ensures that all 4 wheels are driven at precisely he same speed and torque with minimal air consumption and operating noise. The torque applied to the cap can be varied from 0-60 inch pounds.
An air cylinder within the unit smoothly brings both pairs of tightening wheels into firm engagement with the cap at 4 points around its circumference. This action is self adjusting for different cap sizes so it’s fast to set up and can’t get out of adjustment.
The tightening wheels are manufactured from polyurethane in fine and coarse rib patterns to suit the particular cap being tightened, and can be changed over without tools in around 2 minutes. They provide a positive high friction grip which drives the cap to a preset torque without slippage or scuffing of the cap surface.

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