Filling with Style

The AV-3 Single Head Liquid Filler

The Asset AV-3 Series of semi-automatic liquid, cream and paste filling machines offer a simple to operate heavy duty design with a proven history of reliability and ease of use and cleaning.

The versatility of this all pneumatic machine has now been enhanced with a completely new compact design volume adjustment and cylinder assembly incorporating a revolutionary rotary valve system, an Australian Registered Design developed by Asset for the AV-3’s big brother, the AMF Series multi cylinder bottle filler.

The new valve system handles bottling products from thin liquids to creams and thick pastes, it will even package products with soft suspended solids, a task previously requiring 2 different types of filling machine or expensive change parts. The new cylinder design enables quicker dismantling and easier, more thorough cleaning of wet parts. Various product supply methods can be used according to the nature of product or customer preference e.g. close coupled hopper, suction hose inlet assembly, elevated or floor level tank, and low pressure feed from a pump.

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