Great EngineeringBM-MAX Electric Semi-Auto Wrap Labeller

Great Engineering introduces its most advanced benchmark labelling machine for the packaging industry yet, it thinks for you with its all new design and improved smart technology. With the ability to label everything from miniature bottles to a jeroboam, the new BenchMAX enables you to regain control of your varied labelling needs, labelling in real time and on demand.
Manufactured in Australia by Great Engineering the BenchMAX has reached new heights of design and functionality. Applying self adhesive labels has never been easier for single, wrap around, front and back, over-label, export, batch, barcode and award labels.
In addition BenchMAX has extra features for export labelling and award medallion over labelling using its powerful processor. All this combined with its potential to interface with a wide range of printers makes it a versatile workhorse in all wineries.

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