High Speed Carton Coding Printer

With the Hitachi Ink Jet Printers

Containers (Glass & Plastic), Boxes, Bags, Cards, & Cartons

Proven to be one of the best brands in the market, Hitachi Industrial,
Small Character Ink Jet Printers are very flexible,
easy to operate and reliable.

We carry a range of the Hitachi Ink Jet Printers, ideal for small and large manufacturers and packers.


  • Quick to set up with touch screen display.
  • Portable unit mounted on a mobile trolley.
  • Requires only standard 240V power and no compressed air.
  • Wide range of adjustment possibilities to ensure high printing quality
    for all applications.
  • Positive air flow option at the nozzle for dusty harsh environments.
  • Wide range of product sensors for different items available.
  • Encoder option for product speed matching. Alert/status light tower as standard for quick status checking.
  • Automatic cleaning function for reliable start/stop performance.
  • Print head can be positioned 360 degrees for up, down or side applications.


  • Standard Fluids are MEK based and adhere to any surface.
  • Wide range of alternative fluids are available including an eco-friendly, ethanol and food grade.
  • Black and Yellow Inks are available as standard colours, yellow is a popular option for dark surfaces.

PB Series

  • Entry level 1-2 line printer, with mixed font and basic custom patterns.
  • 8.9″ monochrome LCD Touch Panel with full intuitive menus on screen providing easy and quick operation and maintenance.

The PB Series’ unique and innovative ink circulation system helps reduce fluid evaporation and achieves a very low cost of operation. Nozzle and gutter are automatically cleaned at shut down, so no special procedures are required.


RX Series

  • High speed 1-4 line printer, with mixed font, logo and bar-coding capability.
  • User friendly and easy to operate TFT touch panel display with full guidance on the screen. 
  • The display ensures a high contrast and wide angle view and good visibility in all light intensive conditions (sunlight)

Whether you require micro fine character printing, product shapes, high speed and high quality this coder is ideal.  It can be integrated in a system of machines via a network Connection and is especially ideal for printing variable data from databases.


PXR Series

  • The newest printer released by Hitachi, can print 1-5 lines of coding with mixed font, logo and bar-coding capability.
  • Capable of being set up for High Speed, and many advanced functions
  • 10.4-inch large, colour touch-panel display with intuitive touch screen.

This printer combines the features of the PB and RX Series into one.  High Speed, high quality printing doesn’t get much better.


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