HitachiIJC-PXR CIJ Ink Jet Coder

Hitachi have been making Ink Jet Coders for over 30 years, their products are state of the art and have made them an industry leader. Hitachi brand of continuously moving non contact printing units can mark any kind of surface, rough or smooth. These units normally would sit beside a continuously moving slat conveyor and as containers pass through the photo electric sensor the coder is triggered to print out one or two lines of text as the container moves past the print head.
Examples of the print type and quality are displayed below. The PB model is capable of printing at over 60 units per minute.
Hitachi supplies continuous Ink Jet Printer Products for industrial applications. Hitachi ink jet printers print clearly on any product. Non-contact printing lets you print onto rough, bumpy or soft surfaces from any direction. Hitachi Industrial Ink Jet Printers are suitable to a wide array of industrial production applications.
The PB Series features an 8.9″ monochrome LCD Touch Panel with full intuitive menus on the screen providing easy and quick operation and maintenance. The PB Series’ unique and innovative ink circulation system helps reduce fluid evaporation and achieves a very low cost of operation. Nozzle and gutter are automatically cleaned before shut down, so no special procedures are required. The PB Series viscosity and density control feature provides stable ink drop formation and keeps print quality high.

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