Portable Shrink Wrapper Machine

Shrink Wrapper from Smipack Available!

Packserv introduces a new machine to its fleet, the Smipack Hooded Seal & Shrink Wrapper, the S560-NA is a semi-automatic, all in one sealer ideal for food and pharmaceutical use.

Equipped with a transfer conveyor the machine will automatically move the pack after the seal and shrink cycle is complete.  This machine comes on lockable castors and packs 15 units per minute (or 900 units per hour) and uses 15Amp single phase power.


Common Questions

Q: My main business is chocolates, will they melt in the box if I use a shrink machine?

A: No, during the shrinking process hot air is applied only to the outside of the film and only for a short time, before the heat can transfer inside the item or box it will have been moved out of the sealing area entirely and be cooling down.

Q: Can I use a printed film in shrink wrapping?

A: You can use a laminated polyolefin film and print onto it, but its not recommended as the shrinking process may distort the artwork as its pulled over corners etc, but you certainly can ink jet print your batch and expiry date onto the pack once it has been sealed.

Q: My product often has to be stored in the fridge or freezer, is there any way to get rid of the fog and condensation inside the pack?

A: Yes, there is an anti-fog film available that discourages the build up of moisture inside the wrapping making the product more visible and easily stored.  Visit our online shop, Packshop via our website for more details or to purchase film.

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