Inline Container Spacing

The ASW-10 Container Spacer Wheel from Asset Packaging Machines

Have you considered how an inline container spacer can reduce line stoppages due to containers banking up?  Do you need to ensure the safety and checking of coding and scanning processes? The ACS-10 Container Spacer is the answer, these units are now available from Packserv to hire from only $100 per week.

An accessory used in all professional contract packing facilities, this electric unit has a variable speed drive and rotary spacing wheel that quickly attaches to the side of a conveyor to accurately and consistantly set the spacing of containers running down a continuously running conveyor.

This machine would normally be used in conjunction with another automated upstream process (i.e.labelling, coding, sealing, scanning) to seperate containers before the next process and in some cases even the position and angle the container on the conveyor.

You can also use the spacer to set line speed by controlling how many containers per minute come into position for packaging processes regardless of how many conatiners have banked up, the spacer is perfect to set the containers at the right distance apart before travelling on.

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