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Discover the Flexibility of Packserv’s Rent-to-Buy Option

At Packserv, we offer a unique Rent-to-Buy option for our packaging machinery providing a flexible cost-effective solution for your business.  Here are the key benefits.

Conserve Your Working Capital:  Preserve your working capital for other urgent needs with our Rent-to-Buy option, keeping your business agile and adaptable.

Your Equipment Pays for Itself: Let your machinery work for you.  With Rent-to-Buy, the revenue generated by your equipment can cover the cost of the rental, turning your machinery into an investment, rather than an expense and at the end you own the asset with nothing more to pay.

Experience the Future of Asset Ownership: Gain immediate financial benefits without the wait.  Rent-to-Buy allows you to enjoy the advantages of ownership today.

Simplify Your Balance Sheet: Maintain a straightforward balance sheet with Rent-to-Buy. Eliminate the complexities of managing an extensive asset register and lengthy depreciation schedules. Rent-to-Buy streamlines your financials for greater clarity.

Faster Financial Benefits: Unlike traditional ownership, Rent-to-Buy offers a flexible route to asset ownership without the upfront outlay, allowing your production line to be up and running quickly.

Ownership: The best part? At the end of your Packserv Rent-to-Buy term, the machinery is yours to keep, free and clear.

Contact us today to learn more and start experiencing the benefits.


Conserve Your Working Capital

Your Equipment Pays for itself

Experience the Future of Asset Ownership

Simplify your Balance Sheet

We offer this option for all machine lines

Packserv is a local machinery and manufacturing business, with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Contact us today with your requirements and we will put you in touch with the appropriate specialist who can assist you with your production.

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