Tube Labelling

With the CP-SAL-T Semi-Automatic Labeller

The Compact-a-Tube by Compact Labelling Systems is a portable semi automatic labeller. It is designed to apply one or two labels (wrap and front & back labels) to cylindrical plastic or metal tubes. It will also over-label pre-labelled tubes and apply labels relative to tube registration mark.

The Compact-a-Tube is built with stainless steel and aluminium and provides unparalleled productivity, ease of use and reliability.

Unlike other semi automatic labellers it rewinds the backing paper as you work. All die cut labels, whether they are clear or opaque, are able to be applied by the Compact-a-Tube. Packserv can tailor the tube applicator on the labeller to fit your tube size and dimensions ensuring a professional and flawless finish. The labeller can also be connected to a Datamax Thermal Transfer Printer for automatic printing of batch numbers, use by dates, barcodes etc. onto labels as the labeller applies the label onto the tube.

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