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Packserv Leadership Team

Packserv Team

Nathan Wardell

Managing Director
Nathan Wardell has spent over 25 years in the packaging industry, the son of a respected machinery designer and builder, and the third generation of the family in packaging.

Nathan started out in hospitality as a chef before earning his qualifications in accounting and management spending several years in corporate accounting. Despite Packserv ticking over into its 14th year, Nathan is still studying and learning under the K2 business management program and supports other businesses and business owners in a mentoring program through a senior leadership qualification. Nathan started Packserv over 14 years ago as a sole proprietor and built the business from the ground up, undertaking every aspect of the business himself, as he had successfully done previously when he built Rentafill Pty Ltd which is where he spent 11 years as the GM.

Nathan and his family have been well known in the packaging industry for over 40 years’ and have been involved in or built entirely more than half a dozen of the industry’s most commonly used machinery manufacturing businesses. Over the years as the business has grown and developed, so too has the level of talent it has recruited, now sporting more than 15 serious professionals who specialise in different business streams. Nathan is adamant that despite the age of the business, it is only the beginning with a vast pipeline of plans for the coming years.

Packserv Team

Ken Seddon

Chief Operations Officer
Ken has over 30 years’ experience as a public administrator in the UK.

Upon arriving to Australia in 2007, he was appointed to the management team of Ecoya, an Australian Fragrance House, when the company employed a team of 7 individuals and revenue counted in thousands of dollars. When he left in 2014, Ecoya had a turnover of $10m per year and a team of 60 employees. In 2012, Ken led the company in the transition to a public company, listed on NZX.

A specialist in Management training and development, he has worked with some of the most prestigious bodies in the world, including the FBI Behavioural Science Unit, Quantico, Virginia, USA and INTERPOL.  A passionate trainer and mentor, Ken designed the Management Development Program for the Packserv management team and oversees all external academic training.

Packserv Team

Andre James

National Operations Manager
With a background in genetics and biotechnology, and over 5 years’ experience in project management, Andre leads the Group National Operations for Packserv.

A diligent, analytical and solutions focused thinker, Andre helps our clients find solutions to the most complex problems.

Andre has a meticulous eye for detail in business functioning and strengthening compliance; improving processes; and elevating output, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Relied on to drive gains regardless of supply chain challenges and production-line issues, Andre has a track record devising improvement to minimise waste and reduce costs while maximising quality and yield.

Packserv Sales Team

James Guest

Sales Executive - NSW & ACT

Vito Destito

Sales & Technical Manager VIC, SA & TAS
Packserv Team

Rebecca Lamb

Sales Executive - QLD & NZ

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