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Nathan Wardell

Managing Director
Nathan Wardell is the owner and Managing Director of Packserv Australia. Placed in the top 50 of Australian business leaders of 2021, Nathan has over 25 years of experience in the packaging machinery industry, and qualifications in Business, Accounting and Management. Nathan is a strong advocate of personal development and a champion of promoting diversity and inclusivity within the workplace.

Nathan’s stewardship of Packserv has seen the business grow from a small family-owned packaging machine rental business to where it stands today as one of Australia’s leading packaging machine manufacturers, providing the FMCG sector with machinery and expert technical support. Nathan expresses great pride and satisfaction in the way Packserv has been able to help hundreds of small businesses (and a few not too small businesses) grow and develop through some pretty difficult times. Packserv’s growth has been maintained through the recent pandemic largely because their manufacturing platform was designed to utilise only Australian materials and technology. 

Coming from three generations of packaging and manufacturing, Nathan is genuinely passionate about Australian manufacturing and what it contributes to Australia. The recent post-covid intensified focus on local manufacturing and production of FMCG products has provided stark evidence of what Nathan has been vocal about for several years. Nathan and his team take a great deal of pride in the way they make available their years of hands-on technical expertise, not only to Packserv’s customer base, but to the wider packaging community through forums such as the APPMA as well as a swathe of local business chambers.

Nathan’s encyclopaedic knowledge of machinery, processes, and parts extends not only to Packserv machinery but most types of packaging machinery currently in use here in Australia. Building a business up from the ground and into to a multi-million-dollar business that continues to grow in-step with Australian FMCG manufacturing has been a huge challenge, with some considerable bumps along the way. As per usual, it has been the bumps that have provided the greatest learnings and it’s significant that Nathan now spends most of his time helping other business leaders to avoid them.

An early adopter of the concept of 4.0 and IIoT technology, Nathan is a keen advocate of collaboration with research bodies to drive and guide development. The APPMA is the perfect environment to allow members to leverage this knowledge and further enhance the industry.

Packserv Team

Andre James

National Operations Manager
With a background in genetics and biotechnology, and over 5 years’ experience in project management, Andre leads the Group National Operations for Packserv.

A diligent, analytical and solutions focused thinker, Andre helps our clients find solutions to the most complex problems.

Andre has a meticulous eye for detail in business functioning and strengthening compliance; improving processes; and elevating output, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Relied on to drive gains regardless of supply chain challenges and production-line issues, Andre has a track record devising improvement to minimise waste and reduce costs while maximising quality and yield.

Sean Christoffels

VIC General Manager

Packserv Sales & Service Team

Joel Seddon

NSW & ACT Sales
Packserv Team

Rebecca Lamb

QLD Sales

Deage Kalsbeek

VIC Sales Manager

Lance Gould

Packaging & Automation Technician

Jonathan D’Cruz

Engineering Technician

Ben Triwiwat

VIC Engineering Technician

Packserv Partners

South Australia

Pneucube Automation

Western Australia

P & L Maintenance Solutions


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