Machinery Range

Discover Packserv’s cutting-edge Machinery Range – your pathway to seamless, efficient packaging solutions. From precision filling to high-speed labeling, our innovative technology transforms your production processes with unmatched reliability and support.

Machinery Range

Packserv has a range of over 250 different machines in it’s catalogue, more than 30 of them manufactured in our Sydney warehouse with the balance coming from the best local and international machine builders in the industry. Take your business to the next level with on-demand packaging equipment for filling, capping, labelling, printing, sealing, conveying solutions and air compressing.

Our Packserv Manufacturing Machinery range includes machines for volumetric filling, capping, and conveying solutions including sorting and accumulating tables, transfer belts, spacing wheels and more.

Custom Solutions
Strong partnerships with international companies who produce labelling, printing, sealing and shrink sleeving packaging equipment, enable us to provide our clients with customised end-to-end solutions to cater to their business requirements.

It’s here that the team at Packserv utilise over 75 years of collective hands-on experience in the packaging machinery space to provide the very best automated solutions.

Packserv has the largest and most diverse range of packaging machinery available, short and long term hire with the option of Rent-To-Buy as well. Packserv is Australia’s leading Packaging Machinery Rental provider in the FMCG industry by offering a fleet of more than 250 different machines that will do almost every part of the packaging process.

We are constantly searching locally and internationally for the best new technology in the market and have many international distributorships for accompanying machinery to our own range of manufactured machines.

Small stand-alone machines, bench-top systems or large automated production lines are all available utilising the latest technologies, and are readily available from our warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Packserv Manufacturing is the engineering design and manufacturing arm within the Packserv Group, servicing FMCG, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, and Cosmetics industries both in Australia and internationally.

Being an onshore engineering design house  means that Packserv has the capacity and facilities to fabricate high quality machines, premium parts, and accessories for our customers. Packserv is here to provide the complete solution for your packaging needs.

Industry experts
Over a decade of research & development has been invested in each machine to incorporate the very latest Australian manufacturing techniques and materials. The result is a suite of machines that will enhance every stage of the packaging process.

Take your business to the next level
Our Packserv Manufacturing machinery range includes machines for volumetric filling, capping and container handling functions including conveyors, in-feed and out-feed tables.

Packserv is a proud member of Australian Made, we are a genuine on-shore manufacturer and proud to be one of the last remaining on-shore engineering houses.

Packaging Machinery Made Easy

Take your business to the next level with Australia’s leader in packaging equipment and services.

Short & Long term Hire, Buy, Rent-To-Buy and Leasing options.

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