KGK Kishu Giken Kogyo – Est 1968 in Japan

The creators of Batch Coding and product identification in 1960 when Mr Toshiyuki Kamanaka was awarded the first Patent in 1960. KGK has since remained at the forefront of product design and technology innovation.

Kishu Giken Kogyo Co., Ltd.

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The leading manufacturer of industrial inkjet printers and batch coding machines

KGK, is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial coders and ink used in coding and marking devices for various industrial applications such as food & beverage containers, pharmaceuticals, veterinary, electronic components, cartons and shippers etc. KGK produces small character continuous inkjet printers and high-resolution large character inkjet printers.

KGK headquarters is in Wakayama, Japan where it designs and manufactures inkjet printers and formulates inks for different substrates.

KGK operates in Japan, China, India and has distribution networks in key countries such as Australia, Taiwan, Korea, India, Europe, South America, and South East Asia.

Packserv is proud to be the official distributor for Australia & New Zealand.

The KGK CCS-3100 Series of CIJ Inkjet Printer

The latest technology, from the oldest original manufacturer of Ink Jet equipment. KGK invented the worlds first coding system, and have been building them ever since. A world renown Highest Quality Japanese Manufacturer has brought the 3100 series printer to FMCG manufacturers and packers globally. Packserv is proud to have been appointed the Australian and New Zealand Authorised Distributor of the complete range of coding and marking equipment from the KGK factories.

This new 3100 model isn’t just high speed and high quality CIJ Continuous Ink Jet, it prints in a full spectrum of colour options, including a Stirring Pigmented “P” unit that can print in white, yellow, green, pink and blue variants to suit your packaging colour pallete. With it’s full colour detachable LCD HMI touch panel, this machine can be configured to print up to 6 lines of characters, but it can also print a scannable bar code or QR code as well as control and communicate with other printers in your system.

The ultimate design for all small charcter inkjet applications

Unmatched reliability combined with unique nozzle capping and large touch screen display. This printer is the perfect answer for all small character printing applications. 

Complete Solution Providers

KGK Australia & New Zealand has a full suite of support and complimentary services to assist you with your production requirements.

We offer a full range of technical services including:

Also, to order parts, accessories and consumables for your KGK.

What types of machinery do KGK manufacture?

KGK are a premium supplier of high quality Continuous Ink Jet Coders, primarily used in the FMCG sector for food, beauty, pharmaceutical industries among others. Also involved in making and selling roller coders, Ink jet, DOD, and related soft wares to mark automatically carton paper, kraft paper, building materials or parts on production line etc.

We are located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

History of KGK Jet - Kishu Giken Kogyo Co.,Ltd (KGK)

KGK company was founded in 1968 as a specialized producer of automatic stamping machines in Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture, and has been striving for technological progress by specializing in the technical field of printing. In Shanghai, China, we formed a local subsidiary in 2002, and in Chennai, India, we built a local subsidiary in 2013, driving our expansion on the global market.

KGK was focused on developing innovative approaches in Japan, such as edible inks and capsule ink. As a technology development-oriented company, we are further strengthening our technological capabilities by thoroughly investigating high-precision microfabrication technology and droplet technology.

KGK received ISO9001 certification in 2003 and ISO14001 certification in 2004.

A history of innovation

1968 – Producing world’s first automatic stamping machine.

1986 – Developing Industrial Inkjet Printers.

2002 – Developing Specialty inks.

2002 – In-House Development of High-Precision Heads.

2006 – Creating Further Trust with Character Inspection Equipment.

2013 – New Challenges Overcome.

2019 – Founder Awarded Prestigious Kyokujitsutankosho.

2020 – KGK Australia & New Zealand established with a partnership with Packserv.

The leading manufacturer of industrial inkjet printers and batch coding machines

Inkjet printers and roller coders that automatically print expiration dates, lot numbers, logo marks, barcodes, QR codes, etc. on corrugated cardboard, building materials, parts, food, etc. on production lines, related to roller coders, print inspection devices, conveyors and control panels Manufacture and sale of equipment, ink and software.

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