You can rent for as little as 24 hours. We do not have set contract periods.

Yes, an ABN is required to rent machinery from Packserv.

Yes. We provide hire periods from 24 hours. If your machine requires more downtime, you can extend your hire on a day-to-day basis.
You are welcome to collect your machine from our warehouse in Sydney or Melbourne. We do also provide local delivery and arrange freight for our interstate customers.

Should you opt-in for locked-in contract periods, the following discounts apply:
3 months – 9%
6 months – 18%
9 months – 27%
12 months – 36%

Yes, it is possible to cancel a contract mid rental period. However, when the contract is broken, you will be charged the retroactive amount of the discount that was applied in all previous invoices if applicable.

Yes. New machines can be rented but they will be part of a new contract and service agreement.

Yes, we do; there’s a few options depending on the container and number of units you’re producing. We are happy to discuss multiple options based on personal requirements.

We have several different materials for you to choose from and hardness ratings (duro). For some applications, you may decide to stay with a softer material to minimise scuffing of your product, even if it does wear faster. Packserv can help you with selecting the right solution for you.

The compressor will run at a given rate nominally equivalent to 3 machines. This said, if you are using machines that demand more air, this may have an impact on how many machines you can run. The other major factor is the length of airline between compressor and machine. This can be a factor in the ability to supply the equipment with enough compressed air. Packserv has several strategies to overcome these issues should they arise.

Yes. We have several labelling options that allow you to print onto the label while it is in the labelling machine, immediately prior to it being applied to the product. Give Packserv a call to discuss your application.

Yes. We typically offer ink jet printers for batch printing and while the standard colour is black, we have a yellow-gold colour which looks great on dark packaging.

Yes. Our machines are typically set up for black or yellow-gold but there are a wide variety of coloured inks available. There is usually a cost for setup, which involves flushing out the old colour and setting the new one.

We have technicians that can service product as well as provide you a rental solution. There may be situations where we can service your machine and provide you a rental replacement, so you can keep producing in this period.

Yes. The wetted parts of the AV series filling machines are made from 316 grade stainless steel and food grade materials. Wash down is a normal part of the process for which all the wetted parts can be removed without tools and sent away for wash with the hoses. Packserv can also provide you a spare set of wets as part of the rental program so that you can keep a clean set to make the change over process quick and easy.

We have service technicians and vans who come to you to review your machines if they need repair. If we have something in stock that completes the same function, we can bring one in the van and if the problem requires more attention, we can rent you a unit while yours is repaired.

We have quick set up guides and operation manuals which we can send, trained technical staff you can call, or we can organise a site visit. We also recommend that you utilise the time with the technicians when they drop off or pick up the equipment.

We provide the product in crates for shipping and ask that you put these crates aside and use them for the return trip. Failure to properly package the equipment for freight can be an expensive bill, especially when it is easily prevented.

You have the option to use your own courier, or we can organise it for you. If you use your own courier, you must include insurance. You can also pick the equipment up yourself, providing the equipment is secured in the vehicle and not on the back of a ute, where it may be exposed to the weather and theft. While in transit, the care of the machine is your responsibility.

Packserv can provide all the consumables for the ink jet printer in addition to servicing and spare parts. If you have specific needs for machine set up, we can also assist with this.

The setup of this machine is technical and if you are not trained in this area, you can waste a lot of time in set up and incur waste in damaged or incorrectly capped bottles. If you have more than one line of products, we can provide you an additional head and stand to maintain the settings in between runs and make change over far simpler.

You will have to review your company’s safety guidelines and the product MSDS, as the conveyor is run with an electric motor. We can provide an air motor to operate the conveyor, but this does not cover issues of static discharge that may in turn be an ignition point. We would have to review this application with you to gain an answer.

Yes. We already have a lot of interstate customers that we look after on a short-and long-term perspective. Location is not an issue.

Our packaging machines are designed and assembled at our new facility based in Marrickville, Sydney, NSW, Australia using the most stringent of Australian construction and quality standards.

Our quotes are valid for 30 days. If your quote has expired, please contact your sales consultant.

Financing options are available on all our machines through a third-party finance provider. We have partnered with Finlease to provide financing options to our customers. For more information, speak to one of our consultants today.

Packserv has been in operation since 2007. The team behind the brand have nearly three decades of experience in the Australian Packaging and Manufacturing sector working across design, manufacturing, servicing and sales.

We are currently shipping our machines overseas. For more information on international orders please contact our Global Sales Team.

Turnaround times are unique to each order. For more accurate information on order turnaround times please contact your local sales consultant.

Yes. Packserv technicians can provide setup and installation for any machine you hire. For Interstate customers this is arranged online. In person set up can also be facilitated at a cost.

Yes. Packserv technicians can provide training for you and your staff, either at our premises or yours, or online if located outside of Sydney or Melbourne.

Packserv will provide quick setup guides and operation manuals for each machine. In addition, we offer technical advice by phone or we can organise a site visit (site visits are currently available in Australia only).

Your Packserv machine will arrive fully adjusted as far as is possible. Fine adjustments sometime need at least a little technical knowledge and is often best left to our expert Packserv technicians who are always ready to assist you with your set up.

We have a team of experienced in-house technicians available who can help over the phone in the unlikely event that any issues occur. At Packserv, customer service is at the heart of everything we do so you can be assured that help will never be too far away.

Every Packserv machine comes with a twelve-month full parts and labour warranty. In addition, our, our Packserv technicians are available 24/7 and are only a phone call away.

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