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Packserv is Australia’s leading manufacturer of filling, capping, labelling and container handling machinery for the FMCG, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. From complete lines to single machines, we are Australian owned with local design, manufacture and onshore support.

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Packserv is Australia’s premium manufacturer & engineer of packaging machinery. Servicing FMCG, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries both in Australia and internationally. Being an onshore engineering design house also means that Packserv has the capacity and facilities to fabricate high quality machines, premium parts and accessories for our customers. Packserv is here to provide the complete solution for your packaging needs.

Pack Leader Australia

Packserv is proud to be the sole distributor for Pack Leader in the Aus & NZ markets, and we manage all of the sales, rental, parts and service for the brand. Pack Leader produce a range of quality equipment the showstopper being their line of Automatic Label Applicators.

These machines are an integral part of the production systems manufactured by Packserv and have been our recommended brand for many years.

Pack Leader are a global leader in FMCG packaging and manufacturing.

Pack Leader, click here to see the full range of the high quality range of machinery out of Pack Leader showcasing in particular their top of the line range of label applicators.

KGK Australia

KGK, is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial coders and inks used for coding and marking devices in various industrial applications such as beverage containers, food packaging, electronic component, carton box etc. KGK produces small character continuous inkjet printers and high-resolution large character inkjet printers.

Pillar Technologies manufacture the most reliable and powerful range of Induction Sealing Machines in the world. Manufactured in the USA this quality range of container sealing equipment has been a feature of our renowned rental fleet of equipment for years now and the preferred brand of equipment from our client base.

We have designed the frame to integrate seamlessly into our production lines, and the machines are readily available for hire and purchase from our offices around the country.

We provide the full turnkey solution

Packserv is the only company in Australia that can provide the full automated, modular line up, for your packaging needs. As the leading machinery provider for this industry, we offer a range of equipment to meet every part of the packaging process, utilising latest technologies. Being an Australian company means we not only provide the full solution, but we also provide on going technical support, service and training. 

Pneumatic Wizardry

The technical wizards at Packserv have developed a fully pneumatic production line, including infeed table, conveyor, filler, capper, transfer belts and accumulation table, all completely air driven! If your application requires fully pneumatic operation click below to enquire about our flame proof range of machinery.

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Packserv Pneumatics

Safety is paramount, especially in industries where volatile substances are handled.  Packserv offers a fully pneumatic packaging production line including a completely air operated filler, capper, conveyor, transfer belts and tables. With its flameproof and explosion-proof design, the pneumatic packaging system is perfectly suited for products that demand an environment

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In The News

Transitioning sustainable packaging onto existing lines

Over at the Seminar Theatre, as part of the Food Industry Solution Series, Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation’s (APCO) Ian Hayes gave an update on progress towards the 2025 Packaging Targets, and a panel discussion saw industry experts provided advice on how companies can integrate sustainable solutions into their production lines.

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Industry 4.0 Technology

At Packserv, we’re transforming our equipment portfolio through the integration of Industry 4.0 technologies, shaping the future of packaging machinery.  Manufacturers can now enjoy enhanced connectivity, increased productivity, and a seamless experience for machine operators.  With the integration of Industry 4.0 technology into Packserv’s new 8 head high speed filler,

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Maximising efficiency by choosing the right automatic labelling machine

Sustainable business practices are becoming ever more important to manufacturers where attention to environmentally friendly processes is not just a preference but a necessity for long-term viability.  It follows that the optimisation of production processes is of paramount importance.  For environmentally minded manufacturers, the objective is to refine and enhance

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Configure your own Automated Line
Packserv is able to provide an automated line in just about any configuration to suit your specific production and packaging needs. Automate your line with our extensive fleet of filling, sealing, capping, labelling, printing and container handling machines. You can rely on our experienced consultants and technicians to tailor an efficient and cost effective solution for you.
Automatic Labellers
Introducing the Pack Leader Auto Wrap Benchtop labeller - the perfect machine for wrap-around label applications. This machine can be used as a standalone or customised as part of a production line. It’s the perfect machine for new entrants to the market.
Benchtop Solutions
As your business grows, your manufacturing process must grow with it! Packserv is here to help accelerate your packing routine and increase the efficiency of your product line. We provide a tailored and highly experienced service that includes a variety of machines to suit your packaging needs. Our Benchtop range of machines are – a must- have for any business that is looking to improve the speed at which they package items.
Industry 4.0 technology
New range of Industry 4.0 machines in development, first release to be available this year. See our Four Head Auto Filler.

Packaging Machinery Made Easy

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