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Need equipment now for your FMCG manufacturing or packing business, to ramp up production to meet our growing onshore demand for quality products? But you can’t get the machinery installed fast enough, or find a local trusted supplier, and you don’t want to tie up your working capital while you wait for manufacture, shipping and installation?

Packserv has warehouses full of stock, of quality Australian Made equipment, ready for delivery, with onsite technicians, and if our purchase, hire and rent-to-buy options don’t suit, we can help you arrange finance so you don’t have to be out of pocket… we can’t make it simpler or easier for you to fast track your growth by improving your manufacturing facility with machinery supported by us.

Packserv x Finlease: Your equipment finance solution

Unlock the full potential of your business with finlease

What’s In It For You?

  • Stay Ahead: Access the latest equipment without hefty upfront costs.
  • Cash Flow: Preserve your capital for other crucial business needs.
  • Tailored Solutions: Flexible repayment terms that align with your revenue cycles.
  • Save time: The best solution without the stress and paperwork.

Benefits of Partnering with Finlease:

  • Ease: Seamless application process.
  • Flexibility: Diverse finance options to suit your business.
  • Expertise: Decades of experience in supporting businesses like yours.

Why Choose Finlease?

When you’re ready to elevate your operations, you need a partner who truly gets it. Finlease offers more than just finance; they offer a trusted partnership forged through years of industry expertise.

  • 30+ years.
  • 1000+ 5* independent reviews on Product Review.

The Loan Process

Customer reviews

Fast Approvals

Seamless & Simple Finance for Packserv customers

Don’t let financing get in the way of running your business.
From Approval through to Settlement, trust Finlease to handle it for you.

Get Finance

Who is Finlease?

Finlease is an established specialist business finance broking firm that is currently providing over $1 billion in equipment finance per year to a large base of long standing and new clients throughout Australia. Founded by principal and founder Mark O’Donoghue over 30 years ago, Finlease has grown into a team of 100 servicing businesses across Australia.

What do they do?

Finlease arranges Equipment Finance for business owners all around the country working in most major industries and from various walks of life. Many clients have been with Finlease for over 20 years. Finlease look after their clients by making the finance easy and getting the funding they need on time. The Finlease team are available on mobile, work the same hours as their clients (not bank hours) and can meet their clients on site where and when it suits them.

Sourcing finance from a range of over 30 reputable and competitive institutions enables Finlease to spread loans across a number of lenders ensuring business owners are not tied to just one bank that that (remove) has them totally locked up with securities.

Packserv has partnered with Finlease to look after customers who are interested in heading down the financing route for their packaging machine purchases.

Your Business, Your Finance

Whether you’re acquiring state-of-the-art machinery or upgrading your existing assets, Finlease can craft financial solutions tailored for your unique needs.

Get Started with Finlease

Ready to unlock the next phase of your growth? Let’s discuss the perfect finance solution for your business.

Packaging Machinery Made Easy

Take your business to the next level with Australia’s leader in packaging equipment and services.

Short & Long term Hire, Buy, Rent-To-Buy and Leasing options.

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