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Guaranteed Trade In

Packserv GTI is an innovative way to put yourself in control when you are buying a new Packserv Machine.

You choose the machine you want today and have the freedom to change it in the future.

So as your business grows Packserv GTI provides the flexibility and certainty you need to feel confident about what lies ahead.

How it works:

Choose your machine

Choose the deposit you want to pay 

Loan Period
Choose your loan period (up to 4 years)

Choose if you want to pay weekly, fortnightly, or monthly

Estimate the number of hours you expect to run your machine and the type of materials you will be using your machine with

Service Agreement
Take out a Platinum or Gold Service Agreement

Packserv will calculate your Guaranteed Trade-In

When your loan period ends you have 3 options:

If you want to upgrade your machine for a new one. If the trade value (GTI) is higher than your outstanding balance you can put the difference to a new machine or pocket it!

If you would like to keep the machine simply pay the outstanding balance

Packserv will pay you the GTI agreed at the start (subject to the conditions having been met) and put it against the remaining balance owing on the account

To learn more or obtain a GTI calculation, contact us today!

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