Industry Update Magazine – Packserv’s ambitious tech and machinery upgrade

A year of uncertainty fell upon us rather suddenly in 2023 when, like many other businesses in FMCG and manufacturing in Australia, rapid and rather dramatic changes occurred in both our market and our business.

It seems every week we are seeing businesses closing down, being sold and some big names getting administrators and liquidators appointed.

Not a picture of stability and ease in terms of trading conditions in the current market, but at Packserv the team have chosen to take this time to re-invent themselves, or rather… their primary range of products.

“For a long time now, we have wanted to make various ambitious and dramatic changes to our key product line, but time and workload have always been against us.

“While trying to keep up with the demand of our customer requirements from the rental fleet and simultaneously accommodating tight lead times for customised manufactured machinery, our design and innovations team have been toiling away in discrete parts of the factory working on what our manufactured range of machinery is going to look like by 2024,” said Nathan Wardell, Packserv Managing Director.

This new tech and range of machinery is set to be on display at the first ever APPEX exhibition for innovative packaging and processing – the new and much bigger Auspack – and will be held in Melbourne in March 2024.

“Lots of other businesses have adopted Industry 4.0 technology and components, but without actually adding any real improvements to the machinery,” said Wardell.

“The real purpose behind putting that level of intelligence into a packaging machine is to improve manufacturing functionality, performance, reliability, quality and speed of output. If the machine does exactly the same thing as before you put the tech in it – what was the point?”

Wardell knows his team has a good handle on how this new tech is going to enhance Packserv’s production lines, but it’s a big leap to move from the current level of functionality to the new target.

“Our machinery and manufacturing division is constantly improving and the machinery being produced from our factory is leaps and bounds ahead of our previous range, something we are really proud of,” said Wardell.

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