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Pillar Technologies was serving the packaging industries for over 50 years

Pillar Technologies is recognised worldwide as a global manufacturer of induction sealing systems, creating the one of the world’s first waterless induction systems in the form of the Unifoiler. The packaging industry has relied upon Pillar’s advanced induction sealers to:

  • provide tamper
  • evidence.
  • provide leak protection on liquid products.
  • deter from pilferage.
  • extend the shelf-life of certain products.

Markets that are most familiar with induction sealing include:

  • pharmaceutical.
  • medical.
  • nutraceutical.
  • food.
  • beverage.
  • automotive
  • agriculture chemicals.
  • health & beauty.
  • liquid, powder, tablet and capsule filling. applications.

Induction sealing can also be used on products outside of these markets. Consult our representative for your free application evaluation.

Technical Service

The best thing about having a local technical support partner is the response time. We have a team of technicians standing by to assist you with any issues you may have with your equipment. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane our fleet of stocked vehicles are ready for dispatch to assist with all your service and maintenance requirements.

Online Store for Parts & Consumables

Do you have Pack Leader machinery currently on your site?

We stock a large range of parts and accessories for our equipment, if you need something for your machinery click the button below for our online store, or give us a call and speak to one of our technical specialists.

Technical Support

We offer a full range of technical services including:

Packaging Machinery Made Easy

Take your business to the next level with Australia’s leader in packaging equipment and services.

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