Future of packaging technology

Packserv, experts in packaging machinery, used the unforeseen impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic to not only improve existing products but to diversify, upscale and innovate.

Nathan Wardell, managing director of Packserv, said the company took advantage of the situation created by the pandemic, working with key technology and research partners, to innovate and develop a new range of products and improve the existing portfolio of equipment.

“We have been working with the UTS Tech Hub in designing and building an industry-first liquid filling machine that signifies a significant stride into the digital frontier of manufacturing.  In terms of filling heads, bottom-up fill, gates, speeds, and timings, manual adjustments are now seamlessly facilitated by the onboard technology of this machine,” he said.

“Height adjustments are made effortlessly through programming via the HMI digital screen. Engineered for complete customisation, this innovative machine can adapt to the specific needs of businesses, catering to a spectrum that spans from SMEs to large-scale manufacturing.

“Facilitating the simultaneous filling of containers in various sizes feature is a game-changer.

“Additionally, the twin-lane access system accelerates production by eliminating the wait for bottle indexation. Instead, nozzles can seamlessly shift to the secondary lane, effectively doubling production outputs.”

Signifying a ground-breaking shift, this innovation stands as an industry-first at the forefront of change, bringing digitalisation, heightened efficiency, enhanced reliability, and ease of use.

“We have invested a lot of time, energy, and resources into our internal infrastructure and ability to be self-sufficient to manufacture parts in-house, rather than being reliant on third parties, international supply chains and other outside sources,” said Wardell. 

“This included upscaling to larger facilities greatly increasing our local manufacturing capability.  We’re a local supplier, with local support, local technical, local everything.  It’s a big opportunity for Australian manufacturers that need to be able to service and support production onshore.”

“COVID also had a notable effect on the landscape of FMCG’s locally.  After a dramatic decline we are now seeing an increase in the establishment of new manufacturing businesses, but more so a large increase in demand for our higher speed automation machinery, from mid to large size businesses who need faster machinery to meet onshore demand.

“This is why we have been working on a joint venture with UTS to design and build a production line that will run 50-100 units per minute that will be launched at APPEX 2024, with more development and additional machinery to follow during the year. “

Wardell said Packserv was “well placed to help clients develop their packaging machinery solutions from the ground up, which in turn ensures our solution is the best.” 

Wardell added that Packserv’s large reach, extensive customer base and history also helped the company respond to any situation well equipped with their knowledge and know-how. 

Read the article here on Food & Beverage website or in a Digital Magazine.

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