Packserv Case Study with UTS

Packserv leverages SME@UTS to drive innovation and achieve business success

When packaging machinery manufacturing company Packserv was looking to enhance their equipment range and customer experience, SME@UTS made sure they could leverage all the benefits on offer at the University of Technology Sydney.

SME@UTS is a concierge-style service that aims to reduce the barriers to investment in emerging trends and innovation, making it easier for SMEs to access UTS knowledge, resources, facilities and expertise.

Since attending the launch of SME@UTS, the Packserv team have taken full advantage, participating in a series of engagement opportunities, including workshops, masterclasses, business consultations and grant-supported R&D projects, and accessing modern manufacturing expertise to drive new opportunities for digital transformation.


As part of its digital transformation initiative, Packserv collaborated with UTS to develop a new Industry 4.0 high-speed liquid filling machine.  The equipment, which is designed to double production, enables real-time remote monitoring and predictive maintenance, resulting in less downtime for machine operators.

“The knowledge and insights gained from our partnership has directly influenced the design of Packserv’s new range of machines.” says Packserv’s Managing Director Nathan Wardell.


”SME@UTS gives small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) access to Industry 4.0 technology, enabling them to compete at the highest levels of quality manufacturing and assisting the homeshoring of manufacturing,”

More than one pathway to business growth

SME@UTS also connected Packserv with the university’s Industry Software Development Studio, which was instrumental in supporting Packserv to improve the digital customer experience.  As part of the program, senior UTS IT students worked on reviewing and streamline the company’s customer interface over a 12-week period.

“To be able to pitch our ideas to a group of UTS students and then collaborate to deliver a solution that we quickly implemented was a great experience. They’re technically savvy and they’re totally up to speed in terms of the latest technologies, the latest devices, the latest platforms,” Nathan says.

The Industry Software Development Studio is one example of how SME@UTS can support companies like Packserv to leverage the power of university-industry partnerships to become more resilient, sustainable, and competitive.

“Utilising supporting funds from the Commonwealth Department of Education, we’ve been able to subsidise the costs for SMEs to partner and engage with university expertise,” says Annette Dockerty, program Lead, SME Engagement at UTS.

“It’s rewarding to see companies like Packserv, who has been fantastic to work with, tapping into all the capabilities and benefits that UTS can offer.”

These engagements have also connected Packserv to an exciting talent pipeline working with two UTS Interns.

“The UTS partnership has done a lot for our business, and it’s helped us fast-track the development of products and increase and improve our manufacturing capabilities and technologies,” says Nathan.

Packing a punch

While these are just some of Packserv’s recent engagements with UTS, it’s unlikely they’ll be the last — the company is a standout example of how leveraging university-industry collaboration opportunities can have a powerful effect.

“UTS is proactive in terms of engaging with industry and in suggesting ways they may be able to help our business,” Nathan says.


“We’ll continue to work with UTS as we develop our products and improve our manufacturing capabilities and technologies.”


Read the article here on UTS website.

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