The integration of SMC's electric actuators, coupled with innovative thinking, has given rise to a cutting-edge machine designed to provide customers with a competitive edge.

Packserv Develops Next Gen Packaging Machinery

The upcoming unveiling of Packserv’s newest liquid filling machine at APPEX emphasises the integration of Industry 4.0 technology, allowing for comprehensive customisation tailored to the specific requirements of each customer.

New Developments in the Industry

The onboard technology of the machine now seamlessly handles adjustments that were once manually executed. These configurations, which are controlled through the HMI touchscreen and govern the PLC, significantly enhance efficiency, reduce downtime, and contribute to a more user-friendly experience for the machine operator.

“Real-time accessibility enhances efficiency enabling remote machine operation for diagnostics, technical support, servicing, and preventative maintenance,” Nathan Wardell, managing director of Packserv explained, “Data collected from the machine facilitates remote diagnostics and the monitoring of energy consumption supported by a learning algorithm to ensure optimal energy efficiency.”

The machine features a closed-loop clean system, strategically designed to minimise downtime and enhance operator efficiency. Innovative engineering contributes to increased production speed and a more compact footprint.

Wardell added, “Our new generation liquid filling machine is capable of doubling production. The machine concurrently fills containers of various sizes through a twin lane system where the nozzles seamlessly shift between lanes. We are thrilled to introduce this groundbreaking technology to APPEX complementing our ongoing commitment to innovation within our existing equipment portfolio.”

An essential focus for Packserv has been the advancement of machinery integrating the capabilities of Industry 4.0 and 5.0 technologies. Packserv and the University of Technology Sydney Tech Hub (UTS) have been collaborating on multiple innovations in the FMCG manufacturing sector.

For nearly two decades, Packserv has been providing automated machines for filling, capping, printing, and labelling to FMCG manufacturing businesses across Australia,” Wardell said. 

“We are one of the last remaining manufacturers in Australia still genuinely manufacturing this type of machinery locally. Our approach has always been to innovate and strategic partnerships with academic institutions, such as UTS, are instrumental in propelling the next generation of packaging machinery.”
Visit Packserv on Stand E100. APPEX is taking place on 12-15 March at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. Free registration is open now.
Read the article here on Packaging News’ website.

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