Packserv’s latest high-speed liquid filler being launched at APPEX 2024

Leveraging the advancements of Industry 4.0 technology and innovations within the food packaging sector is driving greater productivity, efficiency, and profitability for businesses. For small and medium sized manufacturers (SMEs), having access to such technology can have a significant positive impact on overall financial performance and the bottom line.

Packserv’s recent collaboration with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is focused on developing a range of machinery aimed at providing SMEs access to Industry 4.0 technology and enabling them to compete at the highest levels of quality manufacturing. The first machine in the new range, an innovative high-speed liquid filler, will be launched at APPEX in March.

Designed, engineered, and built in Packserv’s Sydney facility, this machine, which has been manufactured for businesses of all sizes, incorporates the latest cylinder actuators from SMC Technology, marking a pioneering application in this equipment. Manufacturers stand to benefit from fully electronically controlled twin lane container indexing that is not only more reliable and adaptable but is also significantly faster in production output.

The equipment offers a digitally enhanced experience for food manufacturers with real-time remote access for proactive monitoring of the machine, diagnostics, adjustments, and collaboration with Packserv’s technical specialists. The outcome is fast, proactive, efficient, and highly accurate technical support with predictive maintenance. Vital repairs can be carried out remotely which means increased uptime and savings in maintenance costs and resources.

The transition to a fully electronic design simplifies the training of Machine Operators thanks to an intuitive interface which enables operators to retrieve preset configurations from the menu. This eliminates the need for manual adjustments during each production run, saving time and reducing product waste.

Breaking away from traditional design concepts involving compressed air and a single stream of container movement means that the machine is significantly more energy efficient. The application of technology enables containers of various sizes to be filled as part of the same production run and micro adjustments can be performed on each cylinder, ensuring precise dispensing.

Moreover, the machine’s intelligent self-optimisation and autonomous monitoring of the production line contribute to optimal speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Data acquisition and condition monitoring provide comprehensive insights into minimum and maximum cycle times, resource utilisation, and energy consumption. The line is equipped with daisy-chain connectivity, enabling the integration of secondary machines and adapting to the speed of the other equipment in the production line.

As part of Packserv’s vision to provide manufacturers with agile, sustainable solutions, the machinery not only increases plant efficiency and operator experience, but also reduces costs. Sustainability efforts are supported through waste reduction, optimal energy consumption, improved efficiency and a smaller production line footprint facilitated by the twin line configuration.

Packserv is committed to ongoing innovation and the expansion of its machine lineup, encompassing fillers, cappers, conveyors and in-feed and out-feed tables. This initiative is integral to its sustainable digital transformation strategy, aimed at securing the competitiveness of Australian manufacturing businesses, regardless of their size, on the global stage.

Read the article here on Food Processing website.

Keep an eye out as Packserv pioneers liquid filling solutions, reshaping industry standards and pushing the limits.


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