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Packserv’s Eco-Friendly Innovations for Sustainability

Manufacturers who previously turned to international suppliers for packaging machinery solutions are now increasingly opting for local alternatives that prioritise lower carbon emissions, reliability, and efficiency, while aligning with their ESG goals.

Packserv, a local Australian manufacturer of packaging machinery, has always championed the concept of longevity and sustainability, believing equipment should never end up in landfill waste.  Through Packserv’s ‘Buy For Life’ initiative, the company ensures that its machinery remains relevant indefinitely.  Clients are encouraged to trade in their Packserv equipment as their operations expand, enabling the machinery to be refurbished and integrated into Packserv’s rental inventory.   This approach not only fosters a circular economy but makes economic sense. It allows businesses to upgrade their equipment according to their evolving manufacturing needs.  For rental clients, it provides access to high-quality machinery with automation capabilities all while preserving capital.

“Packserv’s Buy for Life program has always been an integral part of our offering. Not only is it good for the environment, but it is also good for the economy and local manufacturing. In the past year, we’ve observed a significant uptick in customers opting to rent equipment rather than make a purchase. We’re seeing a growing trend where various production lines and fillers, cappers and labellers are being signed out on 12-month hires giving customers access to greater levels of automation and technology,” noted Nathan Wardell, Managing Director of Packserv.

“Our goal is to empower domestic customers to enhance their production capabilities, enabling them to manufacture a wider range of products efficiently and at a globally competitive scale.”

Packserv also considers the total lifecycle of the product from design, through to manufacturing and looks for ways where they can improve each stage of the value chain through efficiency, optimal energy consumption, and reduced waste.  For example, all of Packserv’s machinery is constructed from quality components, with a significant portion sourced from recycled material.  Throughout the manufacturing process, Packserv incorporates a waste product reclamation reducing the impact on the environment. Packserv also works with suppliers who have sustainability programs in place to align with their environmental objectives.

“Our new high-speed liquid filler is engineered to minimise product waste through its integrated Industry 4.0 technology eliminating the need for manual adjustments,” explains Nathan.  “Additionally, the machine features real-time, remote access capabilities that enable proactive and precise technical support, along with predictive maintenance capabilities.”

In addition to assisting clients with integrating sustainable packaging into their existing production lines, Packserv is also developing a new line of machinery aimed at increasing production output per minute.

“As part of our commitment to innovation and technology, we are currently working on more new machinery to be released later this year,” Nathan elaborates. Our partnership with UTS continues to develop, with a focus on automation and technology advancements to support FMCG manufacturing.”

Read the article here on Food & Beverage website.

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