Portable Air Compressor Hire Throughout Sydney and Melbourne

Air Compressor Hire Throughout Sydney and Melbourne

If you’re looking for the best packing equipment for highly affordable rental prices, Packserv are the people to turn to. With a full range of incredible machinery to choose from, we are your go-to packing professionals. Our portable air compressor rentals are available on both short- and long-term leases, meaning you can make sure it suits your needs and budget perfectly. Learn more about this product by getting in touch with us today!

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Packserv Maintenance Agreements

Packserv Australia is Packaging Made Easy

Reduce Costs – Maximise Up-Time & Reliability – Managed Service Schedules

Packserv is pleased to announce our new range of managed service agreements, designed to reduce ongoing service & maintenance costs for packaging machinery. Our technicians will asses your machinery within its operating environment & provide a tailored maintenance program to ensure  the ongoing efficiency & stability of your production requirements.

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Inline Labelling

Label-Aire’s LA-3015-BA/SO/WA/CW/WO/WODS(Talk about versatile inline labelling!)

Fast, accurate, easy to operate and affordable! The Label-Aire automatic labelling heads can be configured with the use of accessories and conveyors to suit whatever inline labelling application you require.  All labelling applications are portable and/ or can be added to any axis along a conveyor on a production line.

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