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Uniplex Grease No. 2


Uniplex Grease No.2 is suitable for equipment that is NOT in direct contact with food-based products. The grease is suitable for all contact points where grease type film is required such as bearings and slideway areas.

Uniplex Greases are technologically advanced greases which have been developed by complexing modified over-based calcium sulfonates. This technology, developed and patented, is characterised by exceptional mechanical stability, high dropping point, high load carrying performance, reduced wear, and excellent resistance to water and corrosion. The Extreme Pressure (EP) properties also reduce scuffing, scoring and seizure of contact surfaces. This technology equals and in many ways outperforms other premium, high temperature greases such as Lithium Complex, Aluminium Complex and Polyurea.


Thermal and Mechanical Stability

  • Superior mechanical stability versus other thickeners, particularly in the presence of heat and water
  • High dropping point, typically in excess of 300°C

Load Carrying & Wear Protection

  • Excellent EP and AW properties inherent in the thickener
  • Does not require the use of additional additives

Corrosion Resistance

  • Sulfonates are known and used for their excellent rust prevention properties
  • This property is inherent in the thickener
  • Will easily outperform all other technologies

Resistance to Oxidation

  • The use of premium antioxidants ensures excellent thermal and oxidation stability

Application Tool

Standard 450g grease gun

Application Areas

Uniplex grease exceeds the requirements for NLGI GC/LB certification and is therefore suitable for use in automotive and truck wheel bearings and chassis components. It is also an excellent multipurpose industrial bearing grease and has found use in all manner of moderate to heavy duty industrial applications.


NLGI Grade: 2

Colour: Brown

Texture: Smooth

Dropping Point: 318 °C

Consistency, 60 Strokes

Mechanical Stability: Worked 100,000 strokes = 2.5% change

Mechanical Stability: Worked 10,000 strokes, with 50/50 water = 8.1% change

Timken OK Load: 24.9kg

Extreme Pressure Measurement (4-Ball Method): Load Wear Index – 62kgf

Extreme Pressure Measurement (4-Ball Method): Weld Point – 500kg

4-Ball Wear: 0.42mm

Salt Fog Corrosion at 1 Mil dry film thickness (DFT) >300 Hours

Wheel Bearing Leakage: 6 grams

Bearing Life Performance: 100 hours

Water Washout: 0.5

Oil Separation @100°C: 0.2% Loss

Base Oil Viscosity @40°C: 135

Bomb Oxidation: 10 psi drop after 1000 hours

Low Temperature Torque at -40°C: 10Nm

Product Code AG-G-FMG-2 Category Tag

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