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Top and Side Wipe on Labeller

PL-10 stand alone top and side applicator is suitable for a wide range of top labeling on flat package applications in various kind of production line. Efficiency is maintained during product changes with simple tool-free adjustments. Excellent stability brings the real beauty shows up in the performance results of your labeled products.

This labeler is used PLC based on Personalize control panel with large and advanced touch screen. Easy learning controlling panel is for simple operation with common sense. Its built-in instructions and trouble-shooting bring out in built trouble shooting to reduce the personnel training time and attain the most efficient production.

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Experience unmatched efficiency with Pack Leader’s PL-10 Label Applicator, designed for versatile top labeling on flat packages. This innovative machine applies labels seamlessly from a vertical position and comes with a fully mobile stand, allowing easy positioning on any conveyor or production line.

Equipped with a user-friendly PLC-based control panel, the PL-10 features a large and advanced touch screen that is intuitive and easy to navigate. Built-in instructions and troubleshooting capabilities minimize downtime during product changes, thanks to simple tool-free adjustments requiring minimal training.

The PL-10 standalone top and side applicator offer exceptional stability, ensuring consistent and precise label application across various production lines. Its efficiency shines through during product changes, thanks to straightforward tool-free adjustments. The labeler boasts a PLC-based personalized control panel with a user-friendly interface, making operation a breeze for anyone. The built-in instructions and troubleshooting feature reduce personnel training time and enhance overall production efficiency, delivering superior results for your labeled products.

Power Supply 240v & 10Amp
Label/Product Sensor Photoelectric
Electrical Supply 230 VAC 50Hz Single Phase
Power Consumption 500 VA
Dispense Driver Stepper Motor
Applicator Height 200mm
Label Size H:200mm x L:300mm max.
Dispensing Speed 40 m/min. Max.
Label Roll Inner Core Dia. 76mm
Dimension 1100mm (L) x 1314mm(W) x 1723 mm (H)
Net Weight Approx. 75 Kgs

Automatic Function


Label Type

  • 200mm label applicator (available in 150mm label applicator) .
  • 2-phase micro stepping motor.
  • 30 memory slots.
  • Adjustable label position.
  • Adjustable speed for printing.
  • Batch counter.
  • Built-in troubleshooting/operation manual.
  • Can have a hot foil coder mounted to code labels prior to application.
  • Control box has IP65 standard and CE.
  • Delta color touch control screen.
  • Features missing label auto stop system.
  • Frame and main components are made of SUS#304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum alloy.
  • Inbuilt label & batch counter.
  • Japanese fiber optic infrared sensor.
  • Label position set.
  • Missing label auto stop system.
  • Modular design for easy maintenance.
  • Panasonic PLC control system.
  • PLC control system.
  • Problem showing and solution guarding.
  • Screensaver.


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