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Pro Wrap-Around Auto Labeller

The Pack Leader PRO-515 Wrap Around Labeller is a fully automatic high speed labeller featuring a modular design that allows you to cover all your wrap-around labelling needs for cylindrical containers.

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Pack Leader’s PRO-515 Pro Wrap-Around Auto Labeller is a part of the extraordinary fleet of high-quality, versatile labelling machines on offer by Packserv. This machine offers fully automated labelling for wipe-on applications of cylindrical container types. This machine is designed as modular unit and has a number of upgrades available to cover the full spectrum of wrap-around labelling requirements.

Designed as a continuous, reliable high-speed labelling machine, it’s manoeuvrable and simple to change between production lines or to remove it for cleaning. Manufactured in strict compliance with GMP standards the PRO-515 Pro is made from 304 grade stainless steel and high quality aluminium which ensures longevity even in the harshest of environments.

The PRO-515 Pro incorporates a high-quality LCD control panel featuring inbuilt trouble-shooting and training for operators to ensure minimal downtime on your production schedule. Additionally, the conveyor and labelling heads are all automatically synchronised via the control panel to ensure perfect labelling time and time again, with minimal setup when changing between products.

Weight 200kgs (approx.)
Power Supply 240V 10Amp
Machine Length Machine Depth
1475mm Machine Height
1400mm Max Label Height
Max Label Height 170mm
Max Label Roll Size 300mm
Inner Core Size 76mm
Conveyor Width 160mm
Conveyor Height 850mm-900mm
Max Container Width 155mm
Label Dispensing Speed Up to 40m/min

Automatic Function


Label Type

  • One-button teach label sensor makes for quick setup and product changeover
  • Fully adjustable product sensor ensures all materials/shapes are recognised
  • Missing-label feature in-built to avoid unlabelled products
  • Stepper motor ensures fast and accurate label application with only an inaccuracy of ?0.5%
  • 170mm label applicator can be ugpraded to cater to a wider range of labels
  • Labeller and conveyor are synced to ensure perfect label application each and every time
  • Touch screen control panel makes for tool-free on the fly adjustments by even inexperienced operators
  • Label/Product count feature allows true progression tracking
  • Frame on wheels allows for easy maneuvrability between different lines or during cleaning
  • 304 grade stainless steel and anodised aluminium frame ensures a durable product with a long lifespan bult to GMP standards
  • Height adjustable conveyor belt to cater to all container types and sizes
  • Memory supports 30 different sets of settings and boots up with most recent settings used
  • Control panel features built-in Mechanical Operation Tutorial and troubleshooting
  • Machine is designed for upgrades and these are virtually just bolt on additions
  • Options include: Hot Foil Coder, different applicator heights, conveyor widths/styles and more


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