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Automatic Induction Sealer

The Enercon INS-SS100 Super Seal is a highly portable fully automatic induction sealing head. This machine comes mounted on a trolley for easy manoeuvrability and is capable of sealings lids up to 120mm.

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Enercon’s new Super Seal Jr offers an unprecedented combination of sealing capability, portability, and production flexibility from an incredibly small footprint. It seals everything from the smallest closures to 83mm wide-mouth containers.

Unlike manual induction sealing systems over twice its size, the Super Seal Jr. offers packagers premium flexibility and portability. The unit’s compact design and high level performance is a direct result of forward-thinking electronic architecture which features a proprietary device switching technique. This induction sealer is ideal for laboratory applications, manual or hand held production, off-line testing; and startup operations with aspirations of increased productivity.

An operator friendly display completes this powerful hand held induction cap sealer. Users will benefit from a digital sealing timer, missing foil indicator, as well as an electronic batch and foil counter.

Weight 30kg (approx.)
Power Supply 240V & 10Amp power
Control Box Height 240mm
Control Box Width 384mm
Sealing Cap Diameter Up to 120mm

Automatic Function


  • Adjustable swivel head
  • Simple and tool-free height adjustment
  • Variable sealing intensity to cater to all caps/wads
  • Features a mobile trolley
  • Light indicator stack to signal machine status
  • Different induction heads available to cater for different types of caps


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